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2024 Fair Contract

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What a difference two years makes.  A year ago, we were planning to hold the fair a week later that originally scheduled, before having to cancel the fair and instead hold a 4-H Showcase for the kids.

This year's fair is no doubt going to be different from those of years past, how can it not be.  Things have changed and so have we.  Hopefully this has made us stronger and more determined than ever.

We are in the process of ungrading the fair buildings with one done, and another fully funded and scheduled to be done before the fair.  We had to start somewhere so why not now. 

If you would lile to like to join us for this year's fair, a exhibitors contract can be found through the link on the lower left side of this page.  Information can also be found regarding the sponsorship of the fair days or buidling projects. 


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Buildings are also available for activities throughout the year.  

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