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2019 Fair Contract

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To be profitable, a business, be it large or small, needs the community around it for support in the line of workers or consumers.  Without it success would be hard to achieve and may not happen. 


The pieces of a quilt are sewn together to make a larger more valuable and useable covering.  One small piece has little value on its own but when attached to other pieces something beautiful and priceless emerges.  It takes several pieces to allow the quilt to be useful.


Like the quilt, our community is made up of large and small pieces, which come together and make us beautiful and priceless.  So join us from June 29 - July 5, 2019 and help us make the fair something of valuable for the entire community.

If you are interested, in being a part of our fair, contact Commercial Exhibit Chairman, Nicole Ringen Clemons at 574/242-0663. 

Buildings are also available for activities throughout the year.   For rental information contact Fair Association Vice President, Jackie Wheeler

at 574/595-0039

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